Error 429: There are too many requests for this website’s resources


Is your WordPress site giving you the 429 too many requests error? Trying to figure out what’s causing this error can be extremely frustrating. There is a simple fix for the 429 too many requests error in WordPress.

How to fix WordPress’s 429 request limit violation

Error 429: There were too many requests made of WordPress. What went wrong?

The most common cause of the 429 too many requests error is an attempt to send too many requests to the servers by a user, bot, or script. To avoid denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks on websites, this is a protective measure.
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Incorrect configuration, on the other hand, could prevent search engines or other APIs from functioning properly. As a result, your website might exhibit strange behaviour.


WordPress error code 429: What to Look for


The error can also be caused by a script on your website making an excessive number of API requests to another service or website. If this occurs, the API will return an error code of 429.
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Let’s look at how to easily fix the WordPress 429 too many requests error by looking at how to do that.


WordPress Error 429: There Are Too Many Requests

There are a variety of reasons why this error occurs. To help you troubleshoot and resolve the 429 too many requests error, we’ll walk you through several methods.


Locate and Disable the Offending Plugin


A bad plugin on your website is usually the cause of the 429 error. A 429 error code is returned by the server when plugins attempt to make additional requests to your website.
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The first step is to disable all of your WordPress plugins. By going to the Plugins page and selecting “all plugins” in your WordPress admin area, you can accomplish this. Afterwards, in the bulk actions drop-down menu, select ‘Deactivate’ and click apply.


Turn off all of your WordPress plugins and themes.


To deactivate all WordPress plugins via FTP if you can’t access the WordPress admin area, see our guide.


Now go back to your website and see if the 429 too many requests error is still present. If you’re unable to, a plugin was to blame for the problem.

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Once your plugins are enabled, you can go back and check your website to make sure everything is working properly. You’ll be able to track down the problematic plugin this way.


Once you’ve located the offending plugin, you have two options: either replace it with a different plugin or contact the plugin’s author and inform them of the problem.


Activate the WordPress Default Theme.


WordPress themes are increasingly incorporating features that were previously only available as plugins. As a result, your website may experience an excessive number of 429 error requests.


Changing to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen is the quickest way to learn this information. If this fixes the 429 error, you can try a different WordPress theme or contact the theme developer to see if they can help.


Consult with Your Web Hosting Company


Third-party services that require access to your website frequently return an error code 429 because of an excessive number of requests. There are numerous types of web crawlers, including search engines.


It’s likely that a third-party service is sending too many requests to your website if you see the error in the Google Search Console. Your WordPress hosting provider must be asked not to block those requests if that is the case


We sincerely hope that you were able to fix the WordPress 429 error on your website as a result of reading this article. For more information on common WordPress errors, take a look at our how-to guide.